Sleep Better with Meditation

Can’t sleep? Meditation can help!

Life is GOOD when you can sleep well…

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most important part of life. Approximately taking up 8 hours every 24 hours, which is ONE-THIRD of our time, and also strongly affecting the rest of the awake time, a quality sleep is essential for a happy life. We need a good sleep for our body to be healthy and our immune system strong, especially in uncertain times like this COVID pandemic. But just when we need it the most, it’s not easy to get it due to the very stress we are fighting.

What disturbs our sleep?

There are many factors that affect our sleep, and some are exterior factors such as:

– lifestyle choices (Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine),

– environment( excess heat or cod, loud noise or bright light, uncomfortable bed)

-physical conditions( chronic pain, frequent urination, lack of exposure to sunlight, medical conditions such as sleep apnea or hormonal imbalance)

-others such as jet lag or night shift at work.

And then there are things in our minds that stops us from getting a restful sleep, such as worries, anxiety, depression, stress, compulsive thoughts, etc. When there’s too much going on in your mind, you could never fall asleep. And even if you did, you wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep at all.

While the exterior factor have a rather straight forward solutions to them, it’s not so easy to tackle what’s going on in our minds. That’s where meditation can be helpful.

Clear Your Mind Before Going To Bed

Meditation helps you to clear out and remove all the unnecessary thoughts and other things that stops you from ‘turning your mind off’.

We lie awake at night, thinking hard as if our entire life depend on those thoughts, but the truth is the next morning, most of us can’t even remember what I was thinking or worrying about last night, and they are rarely productive.

Even with just 10 minutes of meditation before going to sleep, you can effectively tackle those worries, anxiety, and should-haves. At Dublin Meditation, we offer a very easy, scientific method that helps you eliminate those thoughts from your mind. Once you learn how to do it, you can do it anywhere, anytime! Book to join us at our free intro session, and kiss those sleepless nights a goodbye! Click here to book